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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Street Fighter 4 Moves - What's the Best Ultra Combo?

When talking about the best Street Fighter 4 moves, and which Ultra combo is the best, there are a few factors that you need to look at. 'How easy is it to connect with and actually hit your opponent with?' and 'How much damage does it do?' are the main questions that you should ask. Beyond that you might ask 'how good does it look?' and 'does it suit my style of play?'

If you're basing it on damage alone, then there's only one person that you can realistically look at, and that's Zangief. His myriad of suplexes and a final powerbomb can take around 5/8ths of a life bar away! The fact that it's a close-range grab move is even more devastating, as it means your opponent can't block it.

Akuma's move is deadly and one of the most frightening, despite being very easy to stop and counter. A simple jab when Akuma is 'floating' towards you is all it takes to stop this move, but make sure you time it right or you might not be around for much longer! This nervousness can often be seen when playing against Akuma, and players panic when he does his Ultra move, and end up getting caught in it.

Cammy's Ultra combo is considered to be one of the best Street Fighter 4 moves, as it not only takes around half of your opponent's life bar away (depending on who you're fighting), but because she starts it with a spinning corkscrew, your opponent has to be crouching and blocking to not get hit by it.

Gouken's ultra combo is one of my personal favourites, if not for the reason that it looks so badass! It's basically a giant Dragon Punch, which does around 10 hits to your opponent. The best Street Fighter 4 moves the ones that can usually be activated easily at the end of a combo. For example, because Chun Li's Ultra combo comes out so quickly and connects very early, you can time it so that there's almost no lag time between your build-up attack and activating the combo.

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Are you ready for 3DS Nintendo?

Finally, the technology of the future of 3D movies, the Sci-Fi so cool, he found his way through the video game Nintendo 3DS.  In just a few weeks, this breakthrough is set to be released - to the excitement of millions of hardcore game fanatics. As the decades passed, Nintendo has once again delivered Going out with never-before experience of 3D graphics courtesy of a handheld.  No doubt, Nintendo carves another notch in game history with this one, but the price of being part of it may lead you to contemplate on what your money's worth.

The Future In Your Hands

What could be a more awesome reason than getting the chance to enjoy your favorite games with graphics that look like it leap out of the screen sans the need for 3D glasses? Yes, that's 3D for everyone.
You and a friend can turn to play and see it's the same.  The Nintendo 3DS is equipped with a couple of outer cameras that allow you take in images so clear, so larger-than-life, so 3D. L Analog Pad Nintendo brings a new face when it comes to the Circle pad test, the analog stick.  This one will be seen on the left side of the controls just above the D-pad. With this, you get to other areas in your game to explore, while the convenience of precise navigation top-down will be taken from the classic D-Pad.

Crisp Image Quality

How about getting to play games such as Zelda, Mario, The Sims, Super Street Fighter and Metal Gear Solid with jaw-dropping resolution? The Nintendo 3DS gives out 800x240 pixels from the widescreen top while 320x240 pixels are projected from the LCD touch screen below.The upper display is designed to 400 pixels for each eye, which then gives the project 3-D effect.  Also, imagine that the Nintendo 3DS has the capacity to render images in an astounding number of over 16 million colors so you get to experience different worlds in astounding alive precision and vibrancies.

Except for DS 3ds of the new 3D games are specially designed for the Nintendo 3DS, you can enjoy your favorite games from the Nintendo DS.  The Depth Slider found on the right side of the screen can be adjusted so you can choose whether to switch to traditional 2D gaming or immerse yourself in a 3D world.
This means that you can play games with the current DS 3DS.  Unfortunately, games cut out for the DS won't be rendered in 3D when played on the 3DS. However, the 2D game do not change much apart from the convenience of the analog stick so you can still find your old games DS family.

Connect With Other 3DS Players

Another thing which makes the Nintendo 3DS so cool is that it has a feature called StreetPass with which you can choose to share your game data, including your scores and customized characters during Sleep mode.
In addition, there are spot matching function that you play the free software from Nintendo and Nintendo 3DS with other players around the world via Nintendo Wi-Fi connected 3DS can download.

So if you want to be part of the very first who'll get the power of 3DS gaming in their hands, keep your eyes peeled for the latest and most important information on the Nintendo 3DS. Save yourself the problem shelling out reviews of the game and go to conferences just to get the latest news, it's all here on this site easily accessible.

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