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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why Is Diablo III Irresistible to Fans?

A masterpiece from the fantasy genre, the Diablo Series has collected countless fans around the globe, putting lower all edges and all sorts of demographic profiles. One method to explain the awesome recognition of the Blizzard Entertainment game would be to attribute it towards the skill factor, correspondingly that, to be able to gain levels in Diablo, investing hrs playing and learning effective strikes, moving dungeons or disposing or devils just isn't enough.

Progress in Diablo is arrived at mixing abilities with strategy, therefore the players have two options: to enhance their abilities, develop new methods and play the overall game better, in order to die trying. The forums happen to be full of fans leaving comments the Diablo games. Everywhere you appear you will find new and new rave reviews around the previous models. Some fans discuss their anticipation and forecasts regarding "Diablo III" - the edition that offers to amaze everybody.

Only a short consider the information on "Diablo III" will disclose why all players worth their shooting capacity are eager to try their hands with this particular game.

"Diablo III" is stated to become nothing beats its previous models. Rumor has it scores on all the overall game departments, in most possible senses. Fans around the globe classify it as being the marketplace leader for an additional aspects:

Fresh design: with the majority of the action happening within the dungeons, this Diablo game is examined as wiser, better, more striking colors and design. Players describe it as being a totally new experience. Dungeons moving encircled by total darkness is realistic but not too easy, for experienced players.

The Twin-ah System: this facet of "Diablo III" helps make the subject of several forums discussions. Game's are permitted to trade both gold and real cash in "Diablo III", and many players agree the new system has every possibility of improving the dynamics from the economy and spicing in the overall experience. Obviously, you will find also fans who worry these aspects favor experts and cyber-terrorist and also the dual-ah system might be banned if it's thought to encourage gambling. In either case, all of the elements come up with bring their contribution to improve the game's appeal.

The smoothness classes: an easy summary of the smoothness classes within the Diablo series, especially because of the possible ways to choose gender without compromising around the character's capabilities is sufficient to recognize great accomplishments.

Overall, gaming is come to another level through the apparition of "Diablo III"!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

BookWorm Adventures 2

PopCap Games today announced the immediate availability of Bookworm Adventures, Volume 2 for the PC. The sequel to the 2007 original takes players into three new literary landscapes with a bevy of new features and lexical challenges. Players can now once again take on the role of the brave and charming Bookworn, Lex, and lead him through a new series of books on a fresh, vocabularious adventure. The three new books, “Fractured Fairytales,” “The Monkey King” and “Astounding Planet,” each offer a complete story and 10-chapter adventure.

“Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 is the long-awaited sequel to one of the world’s most popular word games,” said Ben Rotholtz, VP of Marketing at PopCap, “and in this new collection we’re delivering dozens of hours of entertainment to delight even the most seasoned vocabulary aficionados.”

New Features in Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 include:

PopCap Games

*3 all-new books of ten chapters each: “Fractured Fairytales,” “The Monkey King” and “Astounding Planet”!
*All-new infinite Replay mode! Pick a book, fight foes and score big points!
*6 mini-games, including all-new “Mutant Words,” “Golden Coins” and “Word Up”!
*Battle more than 130 ferocious new foes while wielding over 20 terrific new treasures!
*Companions – Literary figures join Lex and battle by his side including Mother Goose, the Cheshire Cat and author H.G.
Wells, each adorning Lex with their own unique gifts.
*Rainbow Tiles – New potent wild card tiles allow you to build the gigantic words of your dreams!
*Arena mode – Spell quickly to defeat your toughest enemies!
*Achievements – earn trophies, points and badges!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zuma's Revemge

The ribbeting sequel to the ball-blasting classic!

Enter an all-new world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land! Conquer over 60 levels by firing stone spheres to make matches and destroy the deadly stream of balls, then take on six tiki boss battles and guide your agile amphibian to victory!

Leap into action in four game modes with explosive new features and amazing new gameplay: Slide and hop for smarter shots, hit targets for exotic bonuses, and detonate new power-up balls! Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle in this PopCap ball-blasting challenge?

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PopCap Games’ niche of delivering simple yet stylistic and entertaining games is truly amazing. Rolling off a profound success with Plants vs. Zombies and a handful of other little jazzy titles, it’s not surprising that PopCap Games is the leading developer and publisher for the casual game market.

Their latest creation, Zuma’s Revenge, reinvents the wheel with a ball-blasting adventure. With numerous levels to explore, various bosses to defeat, numerous power ups, and a handful of modes to test your skills, you’ll be stuck to your computer like spilled Pepsi on a movie theater aisle. Read on to find out more.

Players assume the role of a ball-blasting frog who is stuck in a terrible storm aboard a makeshift raft. Our hero finds himself washed ashore upon a Polynesian paradise called Zhaka Mu, where he runs into six different evil tiki bosses who each want to eat him for dinner. In an attempt to stay alive, players have to battle through 60 levels of ball-breaking fun.

Story aside, the object of the game is to prevent an advancing chain of multi-color balls from making it to a specific point on a map. To break these balls, you have to match at least three of them together, which set off an explosion and earn the player points. Points earned in a level fill a tiki vial; once the vial is full, the endless supply of balls stop coming, and it is your duty to destroy the remaining spheres. Once all the spheres are destroyed, you’re either allowed to move to the next level or prepare for battle against one of the tiki bosses.

Most of the time, the game positions a player in a set spot, where s/he has to rotate in different directions to get a clear shot. To change up the style of play, the developers have implemented different strategies throughout each stage.

For example, on a couple of different levels, players will have to leap frog between two different platforms trying to change angles and get open looks. Being allowed to move to different points on the map drastically changes your strategies while keeping the game fun and refreshing.

Similarly, the tiki boss fights are the most exciting experience. Bosses have a set amount of health where players have to land direct hits in order to deplete their life bars. Between the boss and you is the winding trail of balls. Players have to create open gaps in the chain in order to get open shots. All the while, the tiki bosses will shoot a projectile at you, which will have a negative effect on your performance if hit by it.

Once a player has completed the adventure, there are several other modes that open up. There is a survival mode where players have to fight through numerous levels without dying; there are a handful of unlockable challenges where players have to complete a certain criteria in order to advance. And also, there is a heroic mode where players can play the adventure on the highest difficulty. The combination of it all provides a thoughtful and entertaining experience.

Graphically, the game is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The lush environments, the bright colors, the 3D atmospheres and all the power up effects deliver a game that is outstanding in visuals.

While the graphics are outstanding, the sound serves its purpose. When the chain approaches its end point, there is a faint heart beat that begins to beat faster and faster signaling your impending doom. Similarly, the clad sound of the balls colliding into one another and acquiring power ups deliver unique chimes and whistles. One thing I would have liked to hear is a quirky, catchy song that is unique to the game (similar to “There’s a Zombie on Your Lawn” in Plants vs. Zombies).

All in all, the game is challenging as well as entertaining. The hardcore PC gamer may be turned off to its simplicity, but the casual gamer and players of all ages will defiantly find that there is no shortage of play here. At $19.99 via Steam, it’s a great investment, and in my opinion, PopCap Games has made itself into a reliable development company that only delivers high quality titles.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flying A Flight Sim

Master the art of flying an aircraft virtually - Flight Sim Software & Hardware

You must have heard about the flight simulator hardware. With the help of it, you can definitely have a realistic flying experience, right in front of your computer. If you are actually looking around for the best RC flight sim, then you need to actually spend some time understanding about various features of various software that are available in the market. The best thing about the RC flight simulator is that you can definitely have the flying experience and learn a lot about it without spending a lot of money. This is the reason why many people who are actually into the aviation academy, tend to prefer learning some basics of flying through the flight sim hardware.

The flight simulator hardware can actually be connected to your computer and you can operate it with the help of joysticks, controls, pedals and so on. Some RC flight sim programs allow you to do everything from the keyboard. There are lot of these programs that are available in the market and the latest releases have actually incorporated a lot of new astonishing features and graphics.

Most of the simulation programs come with a lot of graphics and scenery such as rivers, towns, cities and roads. Looking at all these things, you feel that your experience is quite realistic. Not only that, if you really want to learn and practice the takeoff as well as the landing of the aircraft, you can do it through this flight simulator hardware. This way, you can definitely enhance your experience day by day with the help of such a program.

The actual aim of any flight simulator hardware is to give you the actual taste of flying up above the sky as a pilot. You can definitely make the whole process of learning quite easy because these programs are designed in a user-friendly way. So this way, you can treat it as training material if you really want to learn how to fly. So you need to have access to the best flight simulator hardware equipment if you really want to master the art of flying in the virtual world. You need to create these kinds of simulators more like training devices than regular computer games. This is the reason why it would be better if you can actually get the right kind of flight simulator hardware like jokes, pedals, controls, flight simulator joysticks and so on. Make sure that the RC flight simulator supports various hardware controls so that you can definitely integrate the whole system according to your needs.

You can use the yoke to raise the aircraft and drop it by pushing and pulling it. This way, you can definitely experience the role of a real pilot inside the flight simulator cockpit. So when it comes to choosing the right flight simulator hardware and software, you need to take the right decision because there are lots of them being released in the marketplace every now and then. The one that you're going for should actually fit and suit all your needs in a proper way. Most of the ones that are available in the market focus more on getting the graphics of the game right but they don't actually give you the real experience of the actual flight. This is the reason why you need a simulator which can really make you feel that you are the pilot. One such program is the FLIGHT PRO SIM which is highly recommended by most of the flying experts.

So if you actually have the dream of sitting in the flight sim cockpit and experience the real take off, then you actually need to go for the right kind of RC flight sim and at the same time you should not forget that you need to go beyond the regular keyboard of your computer and should use the right kind of flight simulator hardware in order to train yourself like a pilot in the real world.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Warcraft Conquest for Real?

There's yet one more World of Warcraft guide on the market this week. The guide, called Warcraft Conquest, supposedly goes way beyond the normal boundaries of a World of Warcraft leveling or gold guide. But what does that mean? Do we need another World of Warcraft leveling or gold guide? There are thousands of World of Warcraft guides on the Internet and none of them really cover everything in depth. There are some very good leveling guides and some fantastic gold guides, but no true “mastery” guides for the stuff that really helps players stand out in a game like this.

That's where Warcraft Conquest is supposed to come in. From the guru who developed Warcraft Formula, Warcraft Conquest is designed to cover all the important things that a high-level player in World of Warcraft wants to excel at. The guide’s author, Max Lee, has supposedly been playing this game since the early betas.

That means he’s been able to acquire hundreds of thousands of gold, master multiple classes in both factions, and dominate dozens of instances from the most basic early level instances in vanilla WoW up to the most complicated instances in Cataclysm. The guide itself is made up of dozens of videos, including everything from videos of Blackwing Descent, advanced PVP videos of arenas, battlegrounds like Alterac Valley and Twin Peaks, and world PVP zones like Wintergrasp.

So, the question is do you need another World of Warcraft guide? The answer to that depends largely on what you’re working towards in the game. If you're still trying to level up and reach level 85 for the first time or if your only goal is farming for gold you may want to look for another guide. Warcraft Conquest is much more than those other guides can offer. This guide was developed to help players at level 85 be the best they can be in PVP, raiding, gold making, and everything in between. There aren’t many other guides that can say that.

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate for this product and receive a commission for sales made.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Get Heirloom Items Fast in World of Warcraft

As World of Warcraft continues to expand larger and larger, with the level cap increasing over time, it's becoming more and more difficult for people to have multiple characters at max level. Everyone would like to have characters of all classes at level cap, but it is terribly time consuming to be able to do that.

Luckily, Blizzard has introduced, with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, a new type of item to help players level their alts quicker and easier than ever before. They are called Bind on Account items, or Heirlooms. In order to have access to get Heirlooms, you must already have at least one level 80 character, for the most part.

Power and Extra Experience

There are 2 awesome benefits of getting and using Heirloom items. The first benefit is they scale to your level. So, as you gain levels, the Heirloom item stats (armor, damage, etc) increase as well. This is really cool because it makes it unnecessary to upgrade most of your gear. Heirlooms have good stats, armor, and damage for your current level, so they keep you powerful and able to do quests quickly, which is a huge plus when trying to level up some alt characters.

The second, and probably most important, benefit is that some Heirlooms increase the experience points you gain from killing mobs and turning in quests by 10%. If you have 3 Heirloom pieces that give a 10% experience boost each, that's a total of a 30% experience boost for your character while leveling to level 80. So, if it usually takes you 6 months total, real time, to level your alts, you could level that same character in about 4 months total. Just having Heirlooms could save you 2 months of your time! That's pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Getting Your Own Heirlooms

The most popular way of getting Heirlooms, hands down, is by doing dailies. Getting a full set of heirlooms can be done pretty quickly by doing dailies, if you know what you're doing. The whole point of heirloom items is to save you time. So, not only do you want to save time after you get your Heirlooms, but you should also look into saving time while in the process of getting Heirloom items.

The way to do that is with an optimized route of all the dailies you need to do in order to get the items to trade in for Heirlooms. Obviously, you can figure out your own path for doing this, but if you're like me, you'll want a guide written by professional gamers for the sole purpose of getting dailies done quickly.

There is a certain guide I use for all my dailies needs. It's called Zygor's Dailies & Events Guide. In their guide, they show you step-by-step how to get Heirloom items. As a bonus, they walk you through speed runs for making gold with dailies, as well as getting your Crusader title, which is needed to buy Heirlooms if you want to be able to buy them by doing dailies alone. If you want to get Heirlooms, gold, and your Crusader title fast, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Zygor's guide. Good luck!

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