Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Metal Slug 7

While character driven, scrolling shooter games like Contra got all the press back in the day, hardcore gamers knew that if you wanted more over-the-top bang for your buck, you had to go with Metal Slug. The series has been kicking for over a decade and has recently made its way onto the Nintendo Wii. Now DS players can have a little Metal Slug goodness on the go with Metal Slug 7.
War. War Never Changes.

While this is a new chapter in the franchise, the premise remains the same: One soldier against a vast army of bad guys. Unlike other versions in the series, Metal Slug 7 is truly a solo affair. There's no simultaneous co-op, but the rest of the game remains true to the series.
The well animated visuals look great on the small DS screen although it's obviously not quite as detailed as other offerings in the series. And the title is prone to slowdown when things get really hectic. The trademark humor so beloved by fans of the series is here. Yeah, it's a war game with little soldiers being blown to bits... but it's all so cute and funny.

Metal Slog
Also present is the insane difficulty. When played on easy you stand a reasonable chance of making it through the games' seven missions. On medium you're in for a real challenge. The hardest difficulty level was clearly designed to make grown men cry. And it does. As Metal Slug games go, this one is about as long as all the others. Metal Slug 7 also has several different characters to choose from, each with slightly combat strengths, so you can squeeze out a little more replay value there.
There's also an additional mode which offers the player a series of specific challenges like rescue as many P.O.W.s as you can, or avoid getting crushed by falling debris for as long as possible. These aren't nearly as interesting as the core game.

Been There. Done That.
If there's a criticism to be made here it's that, well, it's just another Metal Slug game. For fans, this is certainly a good thing. But when it's all said and done, there's nothing here you haven't experience dozens of times in the past. It's a shame they didn't go with a compilation as well. Then players would truly be getting some bang for their buck.

Mirrol (Chinese Version)

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