Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Airport Mania - First Flight

Airport Mania First Flight is another set of games of fast-paced action, but this time you\re in the seat of an air traffic controller.This time it is flights at risk, so you better have your brain well in gear and your clicking finger to the ready.

Be seen in every level in the Flight Airport Mania d bird of a track, and your goal is a successful air traffic controller, so that effective means of landing, loading, fueling, and everything in Central.Like all games that offer one, the only place to start is the tutorial.This tutorial is a light and allows you to become familiar with the structure of the game without falling straight down at the end.

One of the main differences between this game and others like it is the ability to gain combos.
The higher, the more money you get your seat combo.
Remember though do the job effectively before you do it quickly, never the other way around.
In this game the plans are in color and this helps their doors direct.
If you have two purple planes on the ground and only one purple gate, then you can store the other purple plane in the waiting area, this will delay the rate at which it becomes unhappy.
Remember, it's not just the passengers that the aircraft not to get angry! If you get in the game, you will see four goals, progress through the levels is necessary to achieve the target to a minimum base.

On top of the basic target you have the expert, master and supreme targets, the higher you get the more money you earn.

Just as an airport there are a variety of levels, some are content to remain on the floor for a long time, others are eager extremely fast, it is essential that if you score high you can achieve quickly with the sullen air handling that.

Of course with all games in this genre, you can upgrade specific items.
One of the most important speeches at the airport mania will bring more areas pending.
This might not look imperative at the level you are on but you have to think ahead.
If a stage is completed, all your updates will disappear, however, are made differently than your updates to take your money, so that if you find that you may be able to the next level, without an update complete and then do not get reasons to keep your money in the bank, and you'll have an easier task at a later date.

Like many of the other time management games, you will find that you do not get bored in a hurry, and this is always an exceptional quality for games to have.
There are a lot of points that I have not even begun to be explored in this article are just some of the key points that will help you on the way.

The only way to become an expert at a game like this is practice, so what are you waiting for?

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