Sunday, March 4, 2012

Angry Bird Psp Game

Angry Birds has been the top downloaded paid app from the iTunes App Store for the past couple months, and for good reason: it’s addicting as hell.

The concept behind the game is pretty simple: you play the role of a group of birds who have their eggs stolen by a bunch of pigs. In order to get the eggs back, you have to launch the birds one-by-one, with a giant slingshot, and destroy all of the pigs.

Of course, this simple act is complicated by the different obstacles that the game throws your way. In the later levels, the pigs are hidden away in complex forts which must be destroyed before you can reach the pigs.

Luckily, as you progress through the levels, you will unlock different birds that have different abilities which can be used against the pigs. For example, “Boom Boom” is a black bird that you can explode like a bomb with a tap of your finger, and “Split It” is a blue bird that splits into three separate birds, for maximum destruction.

The fun part about the game is that you score more points for destroying more stuff, so you end up trying to destroy as much of each level as possible. There’s something just incredibly satisfying about bringing down a pig fortress in a shower of wood, glass, and stone.

Another great thing about the game is that there are dozens of levels that you can play through, with more being added every few weeks, so you get more out of the game as time goes on. There are also dozens of achievements and special “golden eggs” you can unlock, for more hours of addictive gameplay.

The bottom line: if you own an iPhone and enjoy playing fun games, get Angry Birds. You will spend hours of fun flinging the feathered furies at their fleshy foes.

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